Sunday, October 19, 2014

Yellow-Rumped Flycatcher

Three weeks ago I saw the Brown Shrike at my backyard. The Brown Shrike migrated south from the Northern Hemisphere and stays here until March or April. It indicates that the migration season has officially started.

Over the weekend, I decided to look for the Yellow-Rumped Flycatcher at the Air Itam Dalam Recreation Forest.  Many birders have spotted the Yellow-Rumped Flycatcher here during the migration season. It likes to rest at this fresh water swamp before continuing its journey southward.  My effort was rewarded with the photo lifer.

Here is a HD video footage captured with the Canon 6D and EF 800 IS:

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jewel of Lowland Forest - Blue-banded Kingfisher

It used to be fairly easy to see the Blue-banded Kingfisher at my favorite birding location; Ulu Paip. Unfortunately due to the influx of picnickers to this forest park, the habitat of the Blue-banded Kingfisher was severely affected. The visitors left behind trash and rubbish along the fresh water stream. The pollution has indirectly affected the habitat of the species. Click on the photo for sharper view.

The following is my only photo of the Female.

My first picture of the Blue-banded Kingfisher was captured in July 2010. I spotted it perched at a wooden lodge. Upon successfully getting the photo lifer, I was very excited of achieving one of my bird photography milestone. That particular wooden lodge was its favorite spot. It kept coming back to the same spot and the timing was quite predictable. Unfortunately this has no longer possible.

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