Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thailand Birding Trip March 2012 - Day 3 (Pak Chong)

After completed our "mission" at Huai Kha Kheang, we swung back to the east part of Thailand. The next location was the Wat Pra Puttabant Noi located at the Saraburi Province.

Wat Pra Puttabant Noi
Limestone Wren Babbler

It was a brief stopped at Wat Pra Puttabant Noi. After that we headed to the last birding location for the Day 3, Pak Chong.  

While on the way to Pak Chong, we saw this tough Toyota Hilux which loaded with many passengers at the rear compartment. Guess how many passengers ?

Here are the species that I managed to photographed at Pak Chong :

Green Bee Eater

Small Pratincole

Small Pratincole
Oriental Skylark

 Eastern Marsh Harrier (Instead of Pied Harrier stated earlier)

Zitting Cisticola

Siberian Stonechat

Lesser Coucal
Beautiful sunset :

It was a long and tiring day traveling to 3 different locations, nevertheless when I counted the many number of species that I managed to photographed I felt that the effort was worth it. 

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thailand Birding Trip March 2012 - Huai Kha Kheang Wildlife Sanctuary

We started the day 3 very early because we planned to cover 3 birding locations. The first location was the Huai Kha Kheang Wildlife Sanctuary, which is about 1.5 hours by car from Mea Wong. By 6.30 am, we arrived at Huai Kha Kheang Park HQ.

The scenic view of Huai Kha Kheang:

After setting up the equipments, a quick breakfast :

Black-headed Woodpecker and the Red-billed Blue Magpie were among our targets at Huai Kha Kheang. We started to search for the species near the park HQ. 

A pair of the Black-headed Woodpecker responded to our call and perched at a tree nearby. 

Black-headed Woodpecker, Male (Red crown-patch)

Black-headed Woodpecker, Male

A pair of Black-headed Woodpecker , Female (top)

The look of jubilation after photographing the Black-headed Woodpecker :

Kiah (left), Chris Lee (center) and Quek (right) 

After that, we went looking for the Red-billed Blue Magpie behind the park HQ.

Red-billed Blue Magpie

A Red-billed Blue Magpie caught a lizard as its "breakfast"
We found a nest of Black-hooded Oriole at one of the tree, the adult birds were actively feeding the young chicks.

Black-hooded Oriole:

By 9.30 am, we managed to get all our targets. Our next location for Day 3 was a 3 hours drive toward the east. We were heading to the Wat Pha Puttha Bathnoi for Lime-stoned Wren Babbler.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Thailand Birding Trip March 2012 - Day 2

On the second day, we arrived at the outskirt of Mae Wong National Park at 12.30 after mid-night. It was a long journey by car from Bangkok International Airport after picking up Chris Li (he arrived half day later) at 8.30 evening . We quickly settled down into a small resort and went into the "sleep mode" because the morning call was scheduled 4.30 am. At 6am we were already at the park HQ, the ranger greeted us at the gate. We were the first car into the Mae Wong National Park. It was about 30km from the park HQ to camping ground at Chong Yen.

The first target for the day was the very shy and "secretive" Rusty-naped Pitta. We got news that a pair of the Rusty-naped Pitta was very active near a small stream at a forest trail.

Getting ready for some actions
I was very excited when I saw a male Rusty-naped Pitta came and perched on a mossy rock in front of my blind.

Rusty-naped Pitta (male)

Rusty-naped Pitta (male)

After the male dis-appear into the forest, here come the female:

Rusty-naped Pitta (female)
Happy faces after getting the Pitta :

After we got our star bird, we moved to bird at the trail leading to Chong Yen and Chong Yen camp site.

Stripe-breasted Woodpecker

Velvet fronted Nuthatch

Grey-chinned Minivet

Blue Whistling Thrush

At the Chong Yen camping ground :

Some other species that I managed to photographed at Umphang Trail.

Black-throated Laughing-thrush

Small Niltava

White-neck Laughing-thrush

White-tailed Robin
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Thailand Birding Trip March 2012 - Day 1

On 15th to 18th March, I embarked on a 4 days birding trip to Thailand. Throughout the 4 days, I travelled a total distance of 1200 km covering the birding site such as Bang Ban, Mae Wong National Park, Huai Kha Kheang Wildlife Sanctuary, Pak Chong and Khoa Yai National Park.

I landed at Bangkok airport at 9.30 am on 15th March and by 10 am I was at gate 6 waiting for Guide A. After meeting Guide A, we headed to the first location, Wat Chaleam Phra Kiat. The main target was the Spotted Owlet.

Spotted Owlet (Adult)

Spotted Owlet (Juvenile) in the nest

Spotted Owlet (Juvenile) in the nest
At noon, I was done photographing the Owlet and decided to head to Bang Ban. Bang Ban is located at close proximity to the historical site of Ayutthaya. The main targeted species was the Pied Kingfisher. I was there 2 years ago and managed to get the Kingfisher as my lifer. For this trip, I was aiming to get some improvement shots.  

Lunch at Bang Ban
The fresh water prawn

Guide A and Quek from Singapore
After finishing lunch, we went to set up our gears at a blinds near the river.

It was hot and humid inside the blind
Female Pied Kingfisher
Pied Kingfisher

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