Monday, March 19, 2012

Thailand Birding Trip March 2012 - Day 1

On 15th to 18th March, I embarked on a 4 days birding trip to Thailand. Throughout the 4 days, I travelled a total distance of 1200 km covering the birding site such as Bang Ban, Mae Wong National Park, Huai Kha Kheang Wildlife Sanctuary, Pak Chong and Khoa Yai National Park.

I landed at Bangkok airport at 9.30 am on 15th March and by 10 am I was at gate 6 waiting for Guide A. After meeting Guide A, we headed to the first location, Wat Chaleam Phra Kiat. The main target was the Spotted Owlet.

Spotted Owlet (Adult)

Spotted Owlet (Juvenile) in the nest

Spotted Owlet (Juvenile) in the nest
At noon, I was done photographing the Owlet and decided to head to Bang Ban. Bang Ban is located at close proximity to the historical site of Ayutthaya. The main targeted species was the Pied Kingfisher. I was there 2 years ago and managed to get the Kingfisher as my lifer. For this trip, I was aiming to get some improvement shots.  

Lunch at Bang Ban
The fresh water prawn

Guide A and Quek from Singapore
After finishing lunch, we went to set up our gears at a blinds near the river.

It was hot and humid inside the blind
Female Pied Kingfisher
Pied Kingfisher

Thanks for viewing.


Abhinav said...

Awesome bird photography !

许启文 said...

interesting! wait ur another 3 days report!

Mpho Phiri said...

Lookimg forward to the next episode.An amazing encounter.Thanx for sharing.

northierthanthou said...

That kingfisher is pretty cool.