Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Thailand Trip - Part 1

On 12 to 17 of March, I embarked on a bird photography trip to Thailand. Prior to departing to Bangkok on the 12 of March, I was in a dilemma on deciding to cancel my trip as the "Red Shirt" was going to stage a mass demonstration in Bangkok. After consulting with my bird guide and friends in Bangkok, I decided to go ahead with the trip.
I bought along with me 2 camera bodies ( 1 D mk IV and 7D) , 3 lens ( EF 800 IS, EF 70-200 F4 IS, EF 17-40 L) and 2 tele-converters (1.4 x and 2 x). All the primary gears fitted nicely into a Think Tank Airport Security roller bag. This bag is cabin size compliance so I  did not encounter any problems in fitting it into the overhead compartment.
Upon arriving at Bangkok, my bird guide Mr Par bought me to the Phuttamonton Park. It is located at the outskirt of Bangkok city at the Nakom Pathom Province. The park is covered with open woodland and under the tree canopy are water ponds and gardens.
My primary target here is to photograph the Indian Roller. After searching through the park, we managed to find a pair of Indian Roller perching at a tree trunk.

Indian Roller

My other "great catch" at the park are:

    Coppersmith Barbet

Racket-tailed Treepie

Olive-backed Pipit (The subject looks blur due to massive heat-wave from the ground)

Black-capped Kingfisher

Thanks for viewing.


madibirder said...

Great Rollers!You captured the colours beautifully

Bob Bushell said...

Those birds are taken by your photographs are mostly brilliant, good pictures.

wondersf said...

Yes, those birds which we considered as quality in Malaysia are readily available in their park. Hope to read more about your good luck in your hunt.

Afternoon Tea said...

Hey, great photos. Hope you didn't stress out those lovely birds with huge powerful flashguns. Nurture and care for our fine feathered friends while we delight in their beauty and existence.