Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mr Green, again.

For the past two weekend, I went to explore the low land forest of Sungai Sedim. My partners and I decided to hike further in than our regular place hoping to find some new species of birds. It required extra efforts as we walked up and down on the hilly track carrying 7 kg of gears.

The sunlights shone through the dense tropical forest (captured using Iphone)

Halfway through the hiking, we heard the call of the Green Broadbill and immediately went searching for it. It is very difficult to spot for this little green "gem" of the forest as the green color feather made it a perfect camouflage among the dense forest vegetation. We decided to play the "call" and hoped that Mr Green flew around. It is much easily to spot a moving objects in the dense vegetation. 

Finally we spotted it. Perching high up.

The last time I spotted the Green Broadbill was 4 months ago. I saw a male and female. However on this latest encounter, we saw total of 3 birds and one looked like a juvenile. If our observation is true, we are glad that the population has growth.

As we walked further into the trail, we spotted this pair of Orange-backed woodies. 

Male Orange-backed woodies

We decided to rest at a area where there is a stream running parallel beside the trail. As we were relaxing, we saw the Blue Banded Kingfisher, a shy and rare forest Kingfisher,  flew up stream into the forest. It was too fast for us to photograph. 5 minutes later, we saw it flew down stream again. The same pattern repeated several times while we were unwind here. After half an hour of resting, we decided to head back home. Perhaps the next trip, we will spend more time here to search for the Blue Banded Kingfisher.


madibirder said...

I'm still waiting for my first Mr Green. I know they are in Kemensah. Great photos. madibirder

Bob Bushell said...

The photo of you was amazing, and, all of the rest are beautiful.

Hawkeyes a.k.a Kiah said...

Thanks Bob and maddibirder for your compliments.

Tabib said...

I have yet to see that green & orange birds.

You went there with Mr. and Mrs. '996sps'.
That right camera set-up is a bit strange. Is that circular flash/better beamer or loud speaker?.
No wonder Mr. Green went down with that. ;)

Hawkeyes a.k.a Kiah said...

Hi Tabib,

The circular device is the motion detection detector.... just kidding.
It is a video speaker for sound recording.