Sunday, June 20, 2010

Buff-necked Woodpecker

June 20 2010, Lately It has been tough to find good bird photography location. The migratory birds have moved north bound, back to their summer breeding ground at Northern Hemisphere. I decided to try my luck at the Sungai Sedim lowland forest again. I was trying to look for some resident lowland forest birds. 
This morning I bought along my 16-35 L wide angle zoom lens. I planned to shoot some scenery photos of the forest. I packed the 16-35 L into ThinkTank Speed Demon and belted it on my waist. The Speed Demon is really handy, I can keep most of my birding accessories, such as my apple ipod, a mini speaker, a Nikon binocular, blackberry phone and etc. The padded belt and bag fitted comfortably on my waist as I hiked on the small trail with the EF800 IS mounted on the Gitzo carbon fibre tripod carried on my shoulder.

ThinkTank Speed Demon

Scenery of the lowland forest
1 D mkIV 16-35 mkII L

It was not a bad day, I managed to get a photo lifer and few other improvement shots of the Buff-necked woodies, YellowBreasted Flowerpecker and Lesser Green Leafbird.  However, it was tough to shoot in the dense lowland forest. The dense vegetation made a perfect hiding place for forest birds. On a few occasion, I heard the call of Banded Broadbill, Red-napped Trogon and Green Broadbill but was frustrated not able to find the birds

Buff-necked Woodies
Photo Lifer of the Day
1 D mkIV EF 800 IS with 1.4 TC

Lesser Green Leafbird

Yellow-breasted Flowerpecker

Thanks for viewing.

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