Monday, August 16, 2010

Bulbul Galore - Part 2

The fruiting tree (click the image for larger view)
August 15 2010, This morning I headed to Sungai Sedim again hoping to continue the Bulbuls galore. The day before I successfully photographed 7 species of Bulbuls at the proximity of a fruiting tree. My aim this morning was to get more improvement shots of the Bulbuls at the fruiting tree.
At 7.45 am, I arrived at the empty main car park, I was the first visitor of the day. Moment later while I was enjoying my breakfast, I saw more cars came into the car park, this place started to become crowded with bird photographers.
I selected an angle where the sun was behind me in order to have better lighting at the subjects. The first species that got my attention was the Streaked Bulbul. This species is slightly large size then the other species of Bulbuls that hangout at this tree. It has a unusual behavior where it likes to hangout at the top level of the fruiting tree.

Streaked Bulbul

The second species that drew my attention was the Buff-vented Bulbul. I saw it busy picking up food from the tree.
Buff-vented Bulbul

The rest of the species that I managed to get improvement shots were Finsch's, Cream-vented, Grey-bellied and Spectacled. Here are the photos:

Finsch's Bulbul

Cream-vented (easily distinguished by its white eyes)

My highlight of the day was to see this Grey-bellied Bulbul came to the tree. Prior to this, all my photographs of this species were merely record shots. It was either blur or the subjects are partially blocked by the twigs. I am glad that this "fella" was willing to post for me at an open area where I can get un-blocked shot. 

Grey-bellied Bulbul

Here are the rest of the species:

Spectacled Bulbul

Throughout the 2 days, I "harvested" 9 species of Bulbuls from my bird outing. I guess my efforts really give good returns. Thanks for reading, your comments are highly appreciated. 


Unravel said...

Great series of photos!
The Grey-bellied Bulbul looks stunning in this setting.

Hawkeyes a.k.a Kiah said...

Hi Unravel,

The color of the Grey-bellied looks very attractive.

GCSpyder said...

Hi Kiah,

Your Bulbul haul was indeed impressive. Thanx to this trip, I managed to get good pictures of both the Finsch's and Spectacled Bulbul.