Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Photo Lifers of Barbet

August 31 2010. Thanks to the intel provided by Chien and Weefar, I managed to get 3 new species of Barbet from a fig tree at Ulu Guar Recreation Park. There were small flock of Barbets and others came to  consume the fruit at the fig tree. 

The first species that got my attention was the Gold-whiskered Barbet. It is the biggest size among the species that came to this fig tree.

After photographing the Gold-whiskered, I noticed a smaller size species, which has a obvious red color feather at the throat, were actively hopping from twig to twig feeding on the fruit. I later found out that it is the Red-throated Barbet.

Male Red-throated Barbet

Female Red-throated Barbet. The feather at crown and throat is less
striking and colorful

The highlight of the day was when I saw this species with striking yellow color crowned perched at one of the twig at eye-leveled. It was the Yellow-crowned Barbet, the rarest among the three. I guess the Yellow-crowned also could not resist the temptation of the juicy fruit of the fig tree and decided to come out to this fig tree at the forest edge.

Yellow-crowned Barbet

I am glad that I decided to make the trip here and rewarded with many beautiful shots of the Barbets. I was completed exhausted when I finally reached home at the evening. Thanks for reading, you comments are highly appreciated.


Gcspyder said...

These are all prized barbets and to get them like you did must have been extremely satisfying! We could only envy from our desktop!

Hawkeyes a.k.a Kiah said...

Hi Wong,

Thanks for your comments.
I also envy your Mangrove Pitta photos.

yen said...

love the 2nd photo of the Gold Whiskered Barbet very much, great stuff.

Friend of HK said...

Love the beautiful birds in Malaysia! I will definitely come back! Thanks for sharing.

digdeep said...

Great stuff! The best pics I've ever seen of YC Barbet. Where is Ulu Guar? Not heard of it before...


Wong Tsu Shi said...

Beautiful Yellow-crowned, very very nice.

Choy Wai Mun said...

Great shots as usual. Well done

Paul Wu said...

Good collection of the Barbets! The Yellow-crowned Barbets can be found in Panti too but they usually perch very high!!

Hawkeyes a.k.a Kiah said...


Thanks all for your feedbacks and compliments.
I am very glad that this field report of Yellow-crowned Barbet has gotten many positive comments.

Ting Teck Jong said...

very very lucky u and koay went there once..and get nothing..oni we decided to go KNP for BEKF..and yet..empty handed..whole day only a record of yellow-crowned barbet at Ulu Guar..was high up the tree and behind lucky u! went on the right time and right date!! =) love those shots!