Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Doi Ang Khang - Part 2

December 1 2010. I started the second day early.  By 6.30 am my guide and I hit the road to the first location, a patch of pine forest further from the Chinese cemetery. We were looking for the Hume's Pheasant. It was a no show after an hour of waiting. However, I managed to see the Eurasian Jay and photographed the male and female Grey Bushchat.

Male Grey Bushchat

Female Grey Bushchat

After that, I moved on to an open ground near the rubbish dump area. I spotted 3 species of Bulbul at the open ground.

Brown-breasted Bulbul

Brown-breasted Bulbul

Flavescent Bulbul

A small flock of Sooty Headed Bulbul

The excitement of the day was when we saw the Siberian Rubythroat. We decided to play the "tape" trying to lure the fella to a nearer tree. We were excited to see it responded to the call and flew nearer.
Siberian Rubythroat
Easily identified by its red throat

Responded well to our call by perching at tree nearer to our hiding location

Siberian Stonechat
Misty morning.
After lunch, we went to the King Project Garden to check out the Thrush behind the restaurant kitchen. There was very quiet, we realized that our timing was not right, the Thrush would not be here on November, probably some months later.

The natural trail was also very quiet during afternoon. There were no birds sighted except an Brown Shrike.

We decided to head back to the resort to look for the Orange-bellied Niltava. Upon arriving at the car park, we were greeted by a Great Tit.

Great Tit

After an hour of waiting, the Orange-bellied Niltava was no show. We realized that there was a Brown Hawk Owl perched near the stream, that why the Niltava was too afraid to get near to its regular place.

Brown Hawk owl

By 5 pm, we decided to move on to Tha Thorn town. I was a bit disappointed with my trip to Doi Ang Khang. I have seen many beautiful photos of birds by Thai photographers shot here at Doi Ang Khang. All those beautiful photos inspired me to explore here.  Unfortunately I only got a few of the species. Maybe I was here on the wrong timing. For sure I will come back again soon, perhaps after the pink flower bloomed.

On the way to Tha Thorn, a Long-tailed Shrike greeted me "Good Bye"


Paul Wu said...

Kiah, beautiful series! Enjoy the trip and show us more! :)

Wong Tsu Shi said...

Nice pictures, Kiah.

Hawkeyes a.k.a Kiah said...

Thanks Paul and Wong.
I am glad you like it.
There are more to come.

Christopher Lee said...

Wow, this looks like a good trip..thanks for sharing.

madibirder said...

Beautiful series. Some of those we don't get to see over here.

Ari said...

Excellent catch, looking forward to your part3 post.

Hawkeyes a.k.a Kiah said...

Coming soon, the trip report for Doi Lang.