Saturday, December 17, 2011

Some Waterbirds at Thale Noi

During the trip to Krung Ching Waterfall on early September, we also took the opportunity to explore the famous Thale Noi Lake at Patalung. Our primary target was to photograph the Pheasant-tailed Jarcana, unfortunately September was not the right timing to see the Pheasant-tailed Jarcana at this area.

The Boat Ride on Thale Noi Lake

Searching for the waterbirds at the Lotus plant habitat

We were very delighted to find the Bronze-winged Jarcana and Purple Swamphen.

Bronze-winged Jarcana

Bronze-winged Jarcana

Purple Swamphen

Purple Swamphen with its young chicks

An Un-common species at this area, the Cotton Pygmy Goose

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Angad Achappa said...

You have a very nice collection.. :) Loved the entire blog!!

Angad Achappa
Indian Wildlife Photography

Marc Heath said...

Some super shots here, just come across your blog, a good read.

Abhinav said...

Beautiful pictures. Excellent collection... Its really a great blog.

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