Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Common Kingfisher

September 22nd 2009, Byram Penang

Yesterday morning I decided to head to Byram again to look for the Common Kingfisher. The shots that i got one week ago were on the artificial perch. I hope to get it on a natural perch this time.

Upon reaching at Byram, I saw a pair of Brahminy Kite welcoming me by perching high up on a "dead tree". As I was approaching my target location, I saw from far away a bird perched on one of the natural perch at the river side. My adrenalin was pumping fast, could it be the one ? I quickly checked it with my binocular, "bingo" it is a Common Kingfisher.

I slowly approach the target by control my foot on my Triton engine throttle so that the engine sound would not scare it away. I stop my car in front of a small mangrove tree, the tree covered part of my car. I quickly put the "bean bag" on the position and my camera on top of it. Aiming at the target, press the shutter.... "click, click, click....." job done.

On Natural Perch

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