Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zero to Few Thousand of Waders in 15 Minutes

September 20th 2009, Teluk Air Tawar, Butterworth Penang.

It really happened from zero to about 3000 waders in 15 minutes. I was at Teluk Air Tawar photo shooting this flock of waders. When I arrived at the site, it was empty, there were zero waders. One of the more experienced buddy told me, let's wait for another 30 minutes. At 1 pm, it is the highest tide, the waders had to move inland. Right at the dock, we started to see flocks and flocks of waders flying in. Within 15 minutes, the site was full of waders. I am not able to identify all of them but spotted some familiar ones, they were:

1 - Curlew Sandpipers
2 - Lesser Sand Plovers
3 - Long Toed Stints
4 - Little Stints
5 - Broadbilled Sandpipers

6 - Terek Sandpipers

Thanks for viewing !

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digdeep said...

Hi Kiah

Glad you got to enjoy this spectacle! The stints are Red-necked by the way, rather than Little or Long-toed.