Saturday, July 10, 2010

Silky Waterflow

July 10 2010, How you tried photographing the water flow of river ? This morning I went to shoot the river landscape at the Ulu Paip Recreation Park. In order to get a more dramatic effect, I shot from middle of the river. My gears for this morning shooting were the 7D, 16-35 L, manfotto tripod and a cokin ND 8 filter mounted on the P filter holder. I packed all the gears into my Think Tank Photo Speed Demon belted bag. 

In order to get a silky effect of the water flow, I shot with a slow shutter speed of 10 second to 30 second. The normal shutter speed will freeze the water flow, thus it makes the picture less dramatic. How to achieve a slower shutter speed in the broad daylight ? There are a few methods, use the lowest ISO, smaller aperture or using a ND filter to reduce the light going into the sensor. I achieved the slower shutter speed by using the combination of the 3 methods.

Here are some photos from my morning outing :

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