Saturday, February 5, 2011

2nd Round of Blue-banded Kingfisher

Feb 5 2011. Today is the 3rd day of Chinese New Year holiday. This morning I decided to try my luck looking for the Blue-banded Kingfisher at Ulu Paip. Nelson came to join me, without his lens (sent to Canon for servicing). He brought with him the 7D body and just in case if we found the target, he wanted to use my lens for some record shots. 
We sat down at a rock in the middle of the stream. We drank coffee and constantly scanning upstream and downstream for the target. I decided not to move around as the movement would distract and alert the target should it decided to perch at some rocks nearby. 
At 8.45 am, while I was looking upstream, Nelson alerted me to a small rock few meters downstream. OMG, it was really the Male Blue-banded Kingfisher. Perching there quietly, the fella was looking at the stream for its morning breakfast. I repositioned my lens and looked through my viewfinder. I was greedy, hmm... the target was not big enough since I had many photos of it the other day, I want some "full frame" shots. I slowly raised my body and moved the camera, the fella was kind enough to let me went nearer. I fired about 50 frames with mirror lock-up. After that I dis-mounted my 1 D mkIV and mounted Nelson's 7D. He made a couple of shots using my gears.
Here's the selection of shots from this morning's outing:
Canon Eos 1 D mkIV Ef 800mm IS + 1.4 TC
ISO 1600 1/5 f8
Canon Eos 1 D mkIV Ef 800mm IS + 1.4 TC
ISO 1600 1/13 f8
Canon Eos 1 D mkIV Ef 800mm IS + 1.4 TC
ISO 1600 1/15 f8

Thanks for viewing.


Bob Bushell said...

They are some fantastic pictures of the Kingfishers.

Paul Wu said...

Beautiful shots of the BBKF! And I am still drooling in the South! :)

LeePP said...

beautiful shot of the kf. never seen before...