Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birds of Bukit Tinggi

Last month I took some time off to visit Bukit Tinggi. The last time I visited this place was on May 2009. I saw in some local bird forum that the Orange-headed Trush (OHT) was sighted here by some photographers. I have been long wanted to photographed the OHT but on the past few occasions I was not able to find time to visit Bukit Tinggi due to work commitment. For this new sighting, I would't want to miss the opportunities again. 
I arrived at the peak of Bukit Tinggi at about 7.30 am. I immediately set up my gears. Without wasting time (because it was a half dat trip only) I headed to the first shooting location, the plant nursery at the Japanese Garden. Many birds came to the nursery hunting for the  moths and other inserts in morning. 

A Dark-sided Flycatcher perched nearby the nursery:

Later I spotted a bird with light blue feather perched at a tree nearby, it was a Verditer Flycatcher: 

After the Verditer Flycatcher left, a bird with the "punk hair-style" came and perched at the stem of a plant. It was an Ochraceous Bulbul. The fella was looking for the moths as its breakfast.

The Ochraceous Bulbul only stayed on the perched briefly but long enough to let me took a few snap shots. After the Bulbul left, I was attracted by an orange color bird perched on a single horizontal twig. It was a Orange-breasted Trogon. 

A Yellow wagtail stood at the side roof of the nursery. 

It was a busy morning at the nursery. Unfortunately there was still no sighting of the Orange-headed Thrush (OHT). As I was walking toward the car park. I saw my fellow bird photog, Adrian. He hang around this place very often, he was so kind to tell me the precise location of the OHT.

My lifer of the day, the OHT:

The winter migrant bird from the far north, Mugimaki Flycatcher :

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Choy Wai Mun said...

Looks like you had a very rewarding trip. Great shots as usual.

Friend of HK said...

It is so enjoyable to look at the colourful birds in Malaysia!

Kah-Wai Lin said...

Very nice blog and pictures! I will keep my eye on it from time to time!

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