Monday, June 3, 2013

Birds of Northern Thailand - Part 1

 It has been about a year that I last updated this blog. Many apology to the followers that frequently visited this site. I was too indulged on my new leisure activities, street photography and mountain biking. Two weeks ago, I came across this movie about birds watching in HBO called "The Big Year". The movie gave me some good "flashback memory" of the my past bird activities. It reminded me of the fun and excitement of photographing each new lifers. So I decided to start blogging about my bird photography activities again.

Hmmr... what should I write ? Ok I shall start with my last January birding trip to Northern Thailand. It was an 4 days 3 nights trip Doi Ang Khang and Doi Lang. The main objective of the trip was to see some northern winter migrant birds that stop-overed at this area.

Day 1 - Doi Ang Khang :

I arrived at Chiang Mai airport at 8.00 am. My guide Mr Guide A greeted me at the arrival hall. We headed straight to Doi Ang Khang.

The beautiful scenery at Ban Long Resort, Doi Ang Khang

White-headed Bulbul at a fruiting tree at Ban Long Resort:

After that, we went inside the King Agriculture Project Farm to look for some migrant species of Thrush :

Unloaded the gears and equipments at the site

My 3 lifers of the day, the Scaly Thrush :

Scaly Thrush

Japanese Thrush :

Black-breasted Thrush :

Female Black-breasted Thrush

Male Black-breasted Thrush

White-tailed Robin :

Later in the afternoon, we leaved Doi Ang Khang and proceeded to the town of Fang.

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