Saturday, June 8, 2013

Birds of Northern Thailand - Part 3

On the 3rd day of my trip, as usual, we hit the road at 6 am and by 7am we have reached the first birding location. It was a Monday and most of the weekend birders had gone home. They were less people at the Mountain  Bamboo-Partridge location. This increased the chances that the targeted birds would come out from the bushes. We quickly set up the blinds and fitted the tripod, lens, camera and got ready for actions. The previous sighting was at 8 am, I was very nervous as the time ticking and got nearer. I would not want to go home without a single photo of the  Mountain  Bamboo-Partridge. Suddenly I heard a long burst of shutter from my fellow photographer who was hidden in a blind besides mine. I immediately check my viewfinder, bingo, the male and female came out from the bushes and fed on the food found at the road-side.

I was very delighted to get the photo lifer of the Mountain Bamboo-Partridge. I made my first try about 2 years at another location at Doi Lang but it was an unsuccessful attempt. It was a "dream come true" at this location. 

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